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No matter who you are, what you've done, how good or bad you think you are - we have room for you here! God's grace, mercy, and love are for you!

Sunday School at 8:30 am.

Christian education for kids of all ages. We hold Sunday School before worship because we believe having children in worship is important. We're okay with kids yelling out or crying, they're just trying to participate! We have a small nursery room located in our narthex for parents who need to step out with their children. If you need help locating this room, ask an usher. 

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Calvary is a community with over 100 years of ministry. We are a loving community that seeks to love God by loving God's people.

On Sundays, we gather together at 9:30 AM to hear God's Word, join in fellowship, and work together to identify the ways in which God is at work in our lives.

Each week you can access Pastor Blatt's sermon as well as an archive of preciously preached sermons.

We're Lutheran Christians.

Calvary is a Lutheran church founded over 100 years ago. We're Lutheran, which means we use teachings from Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, to help us interpret the Bible and live out our faith in our everyday lives. We believe that our Christian lives are our whole lives. Our faith doesn't stop on Sunday after church, but instead, informs all we do.

We welcome all people. Period. If you're black, white, brown, rich, poor, somewhere in between, straight, LGBTQIA+, whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, or trying to figure it all out... we've got a place for you here at Calvary.




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